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Below is a summary of our menu.  More options will be available to you upon your visit. 

Breakfast Items Served 24 Hours a Day

Southern Style Biscuits & Gravy
Hot Patties
Farm Style Breakfast- Served with 3 country fresh eggs, bacon or sausage (links or patties), buttered white
                                         toast, jelly and American Fries
                Ham & Eggs- 3 eggs with bone ham, home fries, buttered toast and jelly

The 3 items below are served with 3 country fresh eggs, buttered white toast, jelly and American Fries.
Farm Steak Special
Corned Beef Hash
Skirt Steak


Omelettes- served with 4 country fresh eggs and are served with buttered toast and jelly. We have a wide selection of Omelettes which include:

American or Swiss Cheese
Gyro & Feta
Feta Cheese

Green Pepper & Onion
Corned Beef
Bacon or Sausage
Ham & Cheese
Vegetarian with Cheese
Steak & Eggs- Served with 3 country fresh eggs, American Fries, buttered toast and jelly.

T- Bone Steak
Butt Steak
NY Strip Steak
Three Pork Chops
Chopped Steak 1/2lb
Two Hamburger Patties 1/2lb
Gyro Meat (Off the Spitt)
Country Fried Steak
Denver Chopped Steak


Salads- We offer a variety of salads (some of which are listed below) and offer the following dressings: Thousand Island, Italian, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Garlic or Vinegar & Oil.

Athenian Salad
Caesar Salad (with chicken or T
eriyaki steak)
Chicken or Tuna Salad Plate
Garden Salad
Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken
Gyros Salad
Julienne Salad
Stuffed Tomato with Chicken or Tuna
Taco Salad
Seafood Salad

1/4 lb. Hot Dog Deluxe
Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe
Barbequed Beef or Ham
Beef burger Deluxe
Country Boy (Farm Steak)
Croissant Sandwich
Fish Sandwich Deluxe
Francheesie Deluxe
Full Moon Club
Italian Beef Deluxe Au Jus
Jumbo Bacon Cheeseburger
Jumbo Beefeater
Jumbo Greek Cheeseburger
Jumbo Patty Melt
Kosher Corned Beef Deluxe

Low Carb
Malibu Chicken
Midnight Special Deluxe
Monte Cristo Deluxe
Mushroom Burger Deluxe
Olive Burger Deluxe
Patty Melt Deluxe
Philadelphia Steak
Pita Club
Reuben Deluxe
Ribeye Steak Sandwich
Skirt Steak
Tuna with American Cheese
Tuna Melt Deluxe
Turkey, B.L.T.
Turkey Burger
Turkey Melt Deluxe
Two Pork Chops
Children's Menu

Italian Style Spaghetti- Served with meat sauce
Italian Style Mostaccioli- Served with meat sauce
Fish & Chips (Beer Battered Cod)- Served with French fries
Hot Dog Deluxe- Served with golden French Fries
Hamburger Deluxe- Served with lettuce, tomato & pickle and golden French Fries
Grilled Cheese Deluxe- Served with golden French Fries
Chicken Strips- Served with Golden French Fries

Above Children's Specials Served with Soft Drink or Milk (Only for Children Under 12)


Senior Citizens' Menu- (Available for Seniors 62 and older upon request.  Served with potatoes, vegetable, soup or salad, and dessert choice of pudding, jello or ice cream).

Roast Turkey with Dressing
Roast Beef Dinner (with Au Jus)
Broiled Trout
Liver and Onions
Chopped Steak
Two Pork Chops
Half Broasted Chicken



Banana Split
Boston Cream
Cream Pie
É clair
Fruit Pie
Strawberry Shortcake
Tapioca or Rice Pudding

Come in for our daily specials, seniors menu and much more.

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